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Material: PVOH

PrintaLot® PVOH is a water soluble polyvinyl alcohol based material. This is used as a water-soluble support material in additive manufacturing based on FFF (fused filament manufacturing) processes to achieve maximum freedom in object design. Unlike PVA, it absorbs less ambient moisture, is easier to print, and can be used with PLA, PLA MAX®, PLA 3Di®, PLA ART®, Nylon MAX®, PETG, and Flex. Experienced users have found success with including ABS. The PVOH PrintaLot is manufactured from MOWIFLEX® raw material, of Japanese origin.

PVOH PrintaLot® as a water soluble support material enables printing
complex structures, even those containing high-quality, one-piece moving parts. After the impression is completed, the support structures dissolve easily in water. It is also a biodegradable material based on polyvinyl alcohol.

• Printing of complex parts.
• High fluidity.
• High rigidity of the filament.
• Adheres to various materials.
• Good adhesion to PLA, Nylon, Flex, PETG, etc.
• Soluble in water.
• Dissolution in water: 30 ° C with stirring.
• No organic solvents are necessary.
• Low moisture absorption.
• Biodegradable.

Printing Conditions

Peak Temperature: 190 ° - 215 °
Bed Temperature: 20 ° - 60 ° C

For the best printing results, follow the instructions below:

Keep away from moisture
Store in a sealed bag
The filament can be dried at approx 50 ° C

Do not exceed a nozzle temperature of 225 ° C
Reduce the nozzle temperature to <170 ° C when
this stop
Use a low print speed for the interface layers between the media and the part.
Zero the space between the support and the object
main in the Z direction and as small as possible in
XY direction (typically 0.2mm approx.)
Printer settings may vary by printer and software

PrintaLot® PVOH can be dissolved in tap water
Use slightly elevated temperatures (30-40 ° C approx.) And stirring to accelerate dissolution.
Aqueous PrintaLot® PVOH solutions can be
dispose of in normal sewage treatment plants

Print only in well-ventilated areas
Keep out of the reach of small children
Do not ingest the filament, printed objects or aqueous solutions.
Avoid skin contact with PrintaLot® PVOH solution.

Quality assured

Own production
PrintaLot filaments are produced in Monte Grande, Argentina in its own plant. This ensures that there are no third parties involved, so quality is assured.

Raw Materials
PrintaLot PVOH filament is produced only with virgin raw material imported from Japan. There is nothing superior on the market.

The filament is wound and vacuum packed as soon as it is produced, so it does not absorb moisture at any time. It is also protected in a cardboard box with heat-sealed film for additional protection.

Our filaments are manufactured on state-of-the-art machines, with closed-loop laser controls that verify diameter and ovalization in real time. This ensures a constant flow in the deposition of the material in the printer.




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